senior on the internet

Seniors and the Internet

Although it can be very hard for older people to embrace new technology, more and more folks living in senior living memphis tn facilities are taking their first steps to getting on the Web. And they love it too! For the seniors that make this choice, many become hooked. 71% of seniors  that go online do so on a daily basis.

Seniors take the first step into the World Wide Web for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are encouraged by a younger relative. Maybe they are curious. Others might have a more specific intent. Regardless, let’s take a look at how seniors are using the Internet today.

What Senior Are Up To Online

They are using staying in touch. Through the use of social media (Facebook is particularly popular among the over-65 set) and email, many tenants of assisted living memphis tn facilities are using the Internet to stay in touch with younger generations of their family and even friends too! They are looking at photos, hearing the opinions of others (and expressing their own), and keeping in touch with family and friends.

They are playing games. Seniors love to play games for entertainment. Once they realize that the Web offers nearly unlimited free games, they become quite interested.

They go shopping. For some seniors, mobility is a challenge. Online shopping through websites like Amazon solve a major problem. That is, how will a senior that lacks mobility (or perhaps even the ability to drive) get the products that they need? With an Amazon Prime account and a little know-how, the need to go to the store can nearly disappear.

They do their banking. Online banking is another major benefit of going on the Internet to seniors lacking mobility. It erases the need for a trip to the bank. Today, 55% of seniors have used the Internet for banking or other financial activities.

They keep informed. Many retirement community memphis tn residents use the Internet to read the news. While many still prefer to get their news in print, many appreciate the greater depth of information online. Not to mention the speed at which it is delivered.

The Internet is a great, modern technology. While it can be difficult for senior citizens to jump in, they usually see that their lives improve when they do.